Eating for the Mind

In my own personal experience, food is something that is extremely important not only for athletic performance but also mental health.

I wouldn’t consider myself a professional athlete; I’m not training for an ultra marathon and I’m not trying to crack a PR on every run I go on. But that’s what I think makes what we’re doing relatable. I’m someone who manages my own depression and anxiety by using running as a form of therapy, but this isn’t about reaching a specific goal, it’s about the journey. It’s also something that’s attainable for anyone else out there.

Whether you want to start working out for the benefits on the mind or the body, good on you! Don’t worry about being fast. Don’t worry about getting passed on the trail. Just do you!

Food is also super important when it comes to athletics and mental health. I always find that when I’m well fed, I have a much clearer mind. And especially when I’m running a half marathon, and burning around 2,000 calories in the process, refuelling is a must. Getting enough carbs, vegetables, nutrients, and eating something I like is what works for me.

The Run to Wellness team has been very fortunate to have the support of some outstanding sponsors for the campaign. Thai Express is one supporter who has provided us with food for the journey. In each city, we’ve been stopping to fuel up after shoots, before runs, and on our days off. Before I even started the campaign, I was convinced I have a little green curry in my blood.

Especially when you’re first getting into working out, don’t worry about a classic diet. Try to eat healthy, but also eat food that is going to give you the nutrients you need and you’re happy to consume.

Now get out there and get moving!